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Agency nursing means nurses can often work in a range of different departments and this experience can help improve nursing skills. Some disadvantages include: Being in unfamiliar environments and not getting the support or explanation of how the systems work. Not having a guaranteed income (for full time agency nurses) Travel nursing agencies are staffing agencies that place registered nurses and healthcare professionals in hospitals and clinics with short-term staffing needs. They often place individuals nationally or internationally in locations where there are nursing shortages.

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In addition, the flexibility of adding non-permanent, long-term supplemental staff delivers cost-effective results and a continuum of patient care that is stable and at a high level that you expect. As a nursing recruitment agency, Nurses UK’s long-term success is solely based on the positive working relationship we have with our nurses. If you’re considering working with us, here are our top 6 reasons to work with us here at Nurses UK: Advantages of Working with a Nursing Agency. Financial Advantages.

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You can also pick and choose when you work. You aren’t subject to a 7-week rotation which will probably include some nights and some weekends. Agency nursing is a relatively unknown and misunderstood field that is growing in need every day. With staffing shortages abounding in medical facilities of all kinds, more and more nurses are needed to fill the void and in response more and more medical staffing agencies are popping up every day Per Diem Nursing and Allied Health Jobs Opportunities for nursing, allied health, and support professionals.

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They often place individuals nationally or internationally in locations where there are nursing shortages. An agency nurse provides healthcare in a variety of settings instead of working in a dedicated facility. In this role, the agency nurse visits patients at home or at facilities including nursing homes or rehabilitation centers. More than just a nursing employment agency. Whether you’re a nurse, technologist, therapist, or healthcare support professional, our nursing and allied employment agency representatives take the time to get to know your experience, skills, and preferences.

Maxim recruits and hires staff who are then sent out on assignment. Framework agencies, although not always the best-paid nursing agencies, often give nurses first choice when it comes to picking the shifts they want to work and many run lucrative referral schemes. These agencies are also able to offer greater security when it comes to continuity of shifts due to long term contracts being in place. This makes agency work a popular choice for parents and those with personal commitments as there is no obligation to work on particular days and you only need accept the shifts that you are able to work.

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Nursing diploma, certificate or degree plus transcripts; Proof of RN license in the country where you received your nursing education. Another important reason for foreign nurses to work with a recruitment agency is the issue of acculturation. The best 10 things about agency nursing. Agency work is much better paid. Your hourly rate could increase by as much as 66% and could double if you are prepared to work antisocial weekend night shifts.

Agency Type: Staffing agency. Maxim recruits and hires staff who are then sent out on assignment.

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You’ll be expected to hit the ground running, be able to adapt quickly to change in a variety of circumstances and provide a high standard of knowledge and support. 2019-07-19 · If you would like to learn more about agency nursing through Medacs Healthcare, please contact one of our dedicated Nursing teams. For agency nursing in England and Wales, contact us via email or call 0800 442 207 during office hours.

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Try new settings. Your role will be to work with other nurses on assignments and report the performance of the nursing staff to the management. The best part is that depending on the nursing agency you are working with, you can bring in trainee nurses with you on assignments to provide them with hands-on training, support, and instruction. If you’re working for a nursing recruitment agency it’s important to have a general idea of the nursing agency’s commission. Unfortunately rates of commission are confidential in contracts with each hospital, but is generally possible to tell which agencies charge hospitals high fees because they are the ones that offer perks and kickbacks to nurses including training, quick payments, an Click here to find the right company for you! There are a number of travel nursing companies to choose from.